Team 1


Micronutrients and metabolic diseases


Jean François LANDRIER


Emmanuelle REBOUL

Team members

Theme 1 : Lipid micronutrient and lipid metabolism: from food to lipoproteins

Emmanuelle Reboul

Our aim is to follow the metabolism of lipid micronutrients and lipids, from the feed to the postprandial phase. The central organ in this process is the intestine.
We are studying the factors that can modulate luminal metabolism, transport through the enterocyte, and secretion into chylomicrons of lipid micronutrients and lipids. These factors may be genetic or environmental (diet composition, bariatric surgery, etc.).
Once secreted into chylomicrons, lipid micronutrients and lipids enter the bloodstream to reach their target tissues, such as adipose tissue. In this context, we are interested in the effect of the diabetic metabolic environment on lipoprotein metabolism.

Theme 2 : Phenotypic and molecular effects of micronutrients on metabolic pathways in adipose tissue

Jean-François Landrier

We are interested in a central organ in the development of metabolic pathologies, namely adipose tissue. At this level, we study lipid micronutrient metabolism and the consequences of inadequate lipid micronutrient status on obesity and its associated disorders such as metabolic inflammation, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance. Conversely, we are also studying the effect of obesity or insulin resistance on micronutrient metabolism.
The impact of lipid micronutrient deficiencies is studied in adults, but also during the perinatal period.

Cross-cutting themes: from fork to bedside

The increase in the world's population, combined with global warming, encourages us to develop sustainable nutritional solutions to ensure the nutritional security and health of populations.
We are therefore seeking to identify and optimize sources of micronutrients, from insects to widely consumed agricultural products (rapeseed, apples, tomatoes, etc.), in order to assess their benefits for metabolic health.
These projects mobilize the different strengths of the team.

Sample projects

ANR Tomhealth
ANR Complete
(Re)generation fruit