The CriBioM platform (Criblage BIOlogique Marseille) is specialized in the characterization of metabolites, the study of the activity and bioavailability of bioactive substances on behalf of its partners.

Its field of application covers food-health interactions and exposure to low doses of environmental contaminants.

Created in March 2014 by C2VN researchers, it provide services to private and public partners, but also to external stakeholders.

CriBioM emploie 2 ingénieurs spécialistes en spectrométrie de masse, biologie moléculaire et cellulaire, chargés de la conception et de la réalisation de projets de courte durée. Ils participent à l’interprétation des données avec les autres membres de l’équipe scientifique.


The services afforded by CRIBIOM include

  • Support in experimental design (scientific advice),
  • Performing test protocols on animals (mice) or cell cultures,
  • Carrying out “omic” type (metabolomics by mass spectrometry, transcriptomics by microarrays and qPCR), specific (profiling of fatty acids, qPCR, identifications of unknown compounds by low and high resolution mass spectrometry), and conventional (colorimetric tests, ELISA, etc.) biological analyzes,
  • The development of new methods to achieve the sights,
  • Reporting describing methods, results and an interpretation according to predefined agreements.
  • Additional advanced statistics with biological interpretation on demand with our partner MS Nutrition.

CriBioM's service stands out from the existing offer in France, since it includes a complete workflow allowing the selection of products of interest or testing the impact of environmental contaminants, assessing and interpreting their biological effects and identifying prospects for application.

Infrastructure and equipements

  • Cell culture facility
  • Gas chromatographs with flame ionization detector for fast fatty acid analysis
  • BIOMET analytical instruments (two LC-High resolution mass spectrometer QTOF and orbitrap type).
  • Two PCR devices for the analysis of gene expression (LightCycler, AriaMx G8830A)
  • Server for fully secured data storage and computing resources


Responsable Scientifique
Jean-François Landrier
Tél : 04 91 32 42 75

Responsable Scientifique
Jean-Charles Martin
Tél : 04 91 32 46 63

Responsable administratif
Catherine Defoort
Tél : 04 91 32 42 82