Technological platforms

To support its researchers and further develop its scientific themes, the C2VN relies in particular on its cutting-edge technological platforms in the field of metabolomics (CRIBIOM, BIOMET), imaging (PMET, PIVMI) and flow cytometry (AMUTICYT).
Fruit of these collaborations and the common will of its director (Pr Dignat George) and its design engineer Stéphane Robert to offer a high level technological tool in service provision, this structure now makes it possible to meet extremely important cytometry and sorting needs on the Timone site, both for fundamental and clinical research.

The CriBioM platform (Criblage Biologique Marseille) is specialized in the characterization of metabolites, the study of the activity and bioavailability of bioactive substances on behalf of its partners.
Its field of application covers food-health interactions and exposure to low doses of environmental contaminants.
Created in March 2014 at the initiative of C2VN researchers, it is at the service of a consortium of 5 industrial partners (NATUREX, PiLeJe, TEREOS, TERRENA and VALOREX) and an EPIC (IRSN).

The BIOMET metabolomics platform has been labelled AMU technology platform since 2016, and is attached to the C2VN. It is a partner in the national metabolomics initiative "METABOHUB" and has been a member of the RFMF since 2010.

The platform will be inaccessible from November 29, 2019 inclusive.

The platform supports sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) or scanning electron microscopy (SEM) studies.

Samples for transmission electron microscopy can be in the form of tissue, pellets, particles in suspension, whereas for scanning electron microscopy has less constraints because our apparatus also has an environmental mode.

Vascular Imaging Intravital Microscopy Platform